Let us Help you Pass your Driving Test

5 - Hour Pre - Licensing Class

This is a DMV required course that everyone must take before the road test.  The class teaches the following:

  • Defensive Driving
  • Alcohol and drug use and it's effects on driving
  • Required skills to have for driving
  • Laws and much much more

Walk in hours for 5 hour pre-licensing course:

South Buffalo
817 Abbott Rd
Saturday :   3:30 PM  By Appointment

7 Main St (N. Cottage)
Tuesday 4:30 PM Walk-in

Amherst UB South Campus Office
271 Kenmore Ave
Monday  &  Wednesday 4:30 Walk-in 

Saturday 10:00 AM Walk-in


  Niagara Falls

1201 Pine Ave (Old High School at Portage Rd)

Use red door from Portage - Room 120

Saturday 3:30 PM  by Appointment

For all  inquiries call 7 AM - 7 PM  Mon- Sat.